Growing Agriculture, Growing our Economy

AFAN was formed in 2005 by the leading agricultural organizations in Nebraska to conduct outreach, promotion and provide information to consumers about Nebraska agriculture and where their food comes from. In 2015, these organizations saw another need, advancing livestock development and agriculture and food processing businesses in Nebraska. Since then AFAN has been primarily focused on encouraging the development of livestock and working with communities and Nebraska leaders to create opportunities for industries that add value to Nebraska’s agricultural output and energize the economy.


Lori Luebbe
Lori Luebbe


“Livestock production and recruitment of related businesses is a critical component of Nebraska’s future. AFAN exists to work with individual producers and communities to make these opportunities a reality.” ~ Lori Luebbe, Nebraska Soybean Association




  1. Empower individual livestock producers with the tools and resources necessary to locate, modernize or expand their operations.
  2. Work with communities and counties in Nebraska to encourage development of livestock production and support related agriculture and food processing businesses.
  3. Work with Nebraska leadership and serve as a resource to livestock, agriculture and food processing companies looking for opportunities in Nebraska.