Questions about the best way to visit with your Neighbors about your livestock operation? To help provide an accurate understanding and create common ground, it’s important to maintain an open, honest relationship with your neighbors.

AFAN offers Producer Empowerment Workshops across the state. Targeted at individuals who have made the decision to site or expand livestock, this is our half day seminar that goes over the basics of county zoning, how to build grassroots support, and how a livestock facility operates and is regulated to protect natural resources. Click here for one of the resources that we provide producers at the workshop.

AFAN wants to help get you started having positive conversations. Will Keech, Director of Livestock Development is ready to assist you, email or call him at 402-421-4494. Here are some helpful resources.

Be Able to Answer the Following Questions
NDEQ Best Practices for Odor Control
Strategies for Making Livestock Operations Compatible with Neighbors and the Community

To learn more about having conversations with your neighbors visit Nebraska Farmers Deliver.