You know you need to make a change to strengthen your operation, but you have questions about what those changes might involve. “Is Livestock the Answer?” is a tool to help you start that process with a focus on whether incorporating or expanding livestock into your current operation is the right change for you.

Start by printing the worksheet and follow along with this online.  Click here for the worksheet

There are four parts:

  1.  I Need To:  Focuses on analyzing from a financial perspective why you need to make a change and how that will impact your decision.
  2. Focuses on sharing basic information on different livestock species to help you understand what adding livestock will mean for your lifestyle.
  3.  What’s Behind Door #3?: Focuses on real-life opportunities that are out there for you to incorporate into your operation, or expand livestock.
  4.  Take That to the Bank: Focuses on how you should think about financing this change.

This online tutorial shares important information about contract feeding, how to get connected to integrators and what to do if livestock is not the answer- at least not right now.