Questions about the safety of your food? Maintaining animal health is essential for ensuring a safe and secure food supply. Veterinarians and farmers use antibiotics in animals for the same reason doctors use antibiotics in people: to treat and control diseases. Much like taking care of your children with the help of your family Doctor, Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers have the support of Veterinarians.  Farmers work with their veterinarians to ensure they are judicious in their use of all drugs in animals. The FDA evaluates and regulates the use of medicated feeds in food-producing animals to prevent harmful effects on both animal and human health.

To learn more about how farmers and ranchers take care of their livestock and make sure that they are producing safe and healthy food for their family as well as yours, we turn to CommonGround Nebraska volunteer Joan Ruskamp.

Joan and her husband, Steve, have raised cattle in Dodge, Nebraska for more than 30 years. In this video, she shares her story about antibiotic use in food animals and the responsibility that comes with raising healthy, safe beef for families like yours.