Free breakfast and beautiful autumn weather draw a big crowd to a Consumer Appreciation Tailgate Party in Lincoln

Sponsored by Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers

The combination of spectacular autumn weather and a free breakfast drew hundreds of people to a consumer appreciation tailgate party at the Super Saver in Fallbrook on Saturday morning, October 20th.

The event, called the “Game Zone Nebraska Farmers and Ranchers Tailgate Party”, was sponsored by Nebraska’s agriculture organizations to show their appreciation to the consumers who enjoy the food that they grow.  Consumers were able to visit with farmers and ranchers from all across the state, including producers of beef, pork, poultry, dairy, corn, soy, wheat and hops.

“The tailgate party was a great way to bring Nebraska’s food producers and food consumers together for an enjoyable breakfast and great conversation.  Thanks to our sponsors and everyone who tailgated with us for making this a great event.” said Kristen Hassebrook, executive director of the (AFAN) Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska.

Tailgate party goers found the event as informative as it was fun.  “We had a good time at the Nebraska Farmer’s and Rancher’s tailgate,” said Cindy Hilsabeck, a happy tailgater. “I really enjoyed the tailgate on Saturday! With Nebraska’s main industry being agriculture, it is good to get accurate information about what farmers do out to the metro areas. The food was great and I picked up some neat giveaways! I also learned some new information. I’ll be sure to watch for it again next fall!”

Sponsors agreed the event was successful in bringing producers and consumers together for a useful exchange of viewpoints.

“Nebraskans love tailgating during football season, and they love good food,” said Marty Jarvis, marketing director for B&R Stores. “Our Nebraska-based company works hard to connect our customers with local food producers, so this party was a great way for them to have a conversation about where their food comes from.”

Tailgate Party sponsors included: AFAN; CommonGround Nebraska; Midwest Dairy Association; Nebraska Corn Board; Nebraska Cattlemen Association; Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Nebraska Farm Bureau; Nebraska Pork Producers Association; Nebraska Poultry Industries; Nebraska Soybean Board; Nebraska Wheat Board, Nebraska Hop Growers Association; and Super Saver.