Nebraska farmers and ranchers today combine
generations of lessons with new technologies
and solutions to support their families
and nourish yours.
Animal Agriculture is more than food on your plate,
It’s farm and ranch families growing communities,
being responsible neighbors and doing more with less –
for generations to come.
Nebraska farmers and ranchers are feeding the world.
Raising food looks much different today. In fact, the average
farmer or rancher supplies food for approximately 155 people in the U.S.
and abroad, compared with about 26 people in 1960.
Nebraska farmers and ranchers
are the original recyclers, so it’s
no surprise that livestock manure
is considered a precious resource.
Housing livestock indoors in temperature
controlled barns has proven to reduce
the risk of illness and injury to the animal
and minimizes the odor.
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We work to support and facilitate the growth of Nebraska Livestock, empowering communities by sharing agricultural knowledge to help them make informed decisions and to connect opportunities throughout the entire food chain to sustain a thriving Nebraska.

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